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PENETRATOR Long fin (Rental)

PENETRATOR Long fin (Rental)

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Dive into the world of skin diving with our fantastic range of rental sets! Choose from top-tier brands like PENETRATOR, featuring wetsuits and weights designed for a memorable diving experience. If you'd like to ensure the perfect fit, visit our store to try on the sets in person. Our team is here to assist you with any sizing concerns you may have.

Opting for delivery? We've got you covered! We'll ensure your rental set is delivered right to your doorstep, arriving the day before your adventure begins. Simply set the date of use and return date when placing your order to streamline the process.

Returning your gear is a breeze. Please make sure to return the items by 4:00 p.m. the day after your last use. This ensures a smooth return process, and the return time of 4:00 p.m. is the cutoff for completing the return procedure.

Enjoy free shipping within Japan—just choose the store pickup option at checkout! For international shipping inquiries, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll provide you with the necessary details.

Check out our stock status to find the perfect fit for you:
- 33-34 (22.6-23.5cm) x1
- 35-36 (23.6-24.5cm) x1
- 37-38 (24.6-25.5cm) x1
- 39-40 (25.6-26.5cm) x0

- Experience extra soft comfort (manufacturer's recommended height: 175cm or less, weight: 75kg or less)
- Blade length: 86cm (normal size), total length of 96cm including foot pocket
- *CLEAR 620 (short size) features a blade length of 62cm
- Blade width: 19cm
- Material: High-quality fiberglass and epoxy resin
- Enjoy a comfortable fit with the Forza white fat foot pocket.


Lately, there has been an increase in accidents related to self-snorkeling. Our rental service is exclusively available for licensed divers and individuals joining guided diving tours with reputable tour companies. For your safety, we highly advise wearing a buoyant body gear like a wet suit or a life jacket while in the ocean. Your safety is our top priority!


Keep in mind, as these are rental items, you may notice signs of use and repairs. Please be aware that if you come across scratches or damages beyond typical wear and tear or difficult to repair, we may need to charge you the retail price of the product for reimbursement. Your understanding is appreciated!

Rental procedure

  1. Choose your product and select your use and return dates to place an order. We'll deliver it at least one day before your usage date.
  2. After using the product, ensure it's packed as dry as possible in the provided cardboard box to avoid potential delivery rejection.
  3. Attach the included return slip to the cardboard box and return it by 16:00 on the day after your use date at a Yamato pickup or nearby convenience store. The return time of 16:00 is the cutoff time for completing the return procedure.


Order at least 4 days before your intended use date. Plan ahead due to potential weather-related delivery delays, especially for remote islands. If you need the product soon, reach out to us before ordering.

How to use

Handle with care, especially during entry and on rocky terrain to prevent damage or scratches.

Please note that the color may discolor if exposed to strong sunlight for a long period of time.

After use, rinse the product with fresh water and dry it in the shade or with a towel.

Store it in a bag to avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays. A

void using a washing machine or dryer.

Take good care of your product for prolonged use!

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