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FREEN Handmade Neck-weight

FREEN Handmade Neck-weight

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FREEN is a trusted outdoor brand from Taiwan, well-regarded by top divers who love extreme challenges. With a focus on relaxed designs and diver-oriented manufacturing, FREEN has gained significant support from ocean chasers. Join our community of passionate adventurers and discover the excellence of FREEN.

FREEN Handmade Neck-weight
Discover our adjustable weight training accessory that allows you to freely choose weights from 0kg to 1.5kg. Crafted with care, some adhesive may be visible. Our product features soft neoprene fabric and fine lead balls for enhanced comfort and reduced strain on your jaw and neck. Limited quantities are available due to its handmade nature, so reach out to us if it's sold out, and pre-orders are welcome.

Please note that prolonged exposure to strong sunlight may cause discoloration of the product. After use, we recommend rinsing it with fresh water and allowing it to dry in a shaded area. To preserve its quality, please avoid storing the product in direct contact with ultraviolet rays.

Shipping & Returns

  • Ships approximately 2 days after order placement.
  • We do not accept returns.

Care Instructions

  • Dry Your Wetsuit in the shade.
  • Don’t use Washing Machine and Dryer
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We accept pre-orders even if we are out of stock. To place a pre-order, please contact us using the form below.