About Okinawa Blessing

Okinawa Blessing is a company that promotes safety and freedom for water sports athletes who like to test their limits, by providing tailor-made wetsuits to fit both the mind and body of athletes.

  • Commitment to Quality

    We use the #45 fabric of Yamamoto Corporation, which is the softest fabric and gives a lot of elasticity.
  • Commitment to Manufacturing

    By reducing the number of seams, it is possible to create a simple suit and make your style look beautiful.
    Our products are also used at advanced rescue sites such as the Japan Coast Guard, fire departments, and the Self-Defense Forces.

  • Okinawa Blessing Co., Ltd.

    287-1 Yonashiro Teruma, Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture
    Phone: +81-98-927-6021 Email: info@okinawablessing.net
    LINE ID: okinawablessing
    Instagram: okinawablessing_wetsuits

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