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Okinawa Blessing

Inner Vest

Inner Vest

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This wetsuit has thermal insulation and also floats in water.
The material is soft, well-cushioned, and stretchy.

Commitment to Quality
In order to make the suits to a perfect fit that bring great mobility and thermal insulation, we make them more three-dimensional.
As for sewing the neoprene jersey material, we use our own technique so that it does not fray easily.

Neoprene jersey materials
This material is made from Yamamoto.

Do you want more originality in your designs?

You can customize the design to your own needs even more. Please contact us for details.

Free of charge


Yamamoto's rubber material, which has lightweight, high flexibility, and excellent heat insulation.

Shipping & Returns

  • 3 weeks to manufacturing.
  • We do not accept returns.

Care Instructions

  • Dry Your Wetsuit in the Shade.
  • Don’t use Washing Machine and Dryer

What is features of OB Wetsuits

We try a simple suit that makes you look beautiful

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How to Order a Custom Wetsuit


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